Freedom at the Speed of Code

I was checking my phone even before I had reached the sidewalk outside the prison. My six months in jail had taken care of the really urgent payments, but my total debt had increased over that time, including room and board for the prison company. I needed something fast.

Just then, somewhere in the city, somebody's buggy software drove a ton and a half of electric car over a small child. Their insurance AI took a look at the local camera density and the likelihood of a successful lawsuit, and two seconds later an offer for a liability transfer appeared on my screen.

I sighed. It seemed I had developed something of a reputation with the algorithms for car-related contracts. Could have been worse, I said to myself, as I accepted the contract by reflex before somebody else, human or bot, took the gig.

I thought for a second. I had been looking forward to a real bed for a long time, but getting arrested wasn't cheap and I was already there, so what the hell.

I pressed the early execution option, turned around, and went to work.