The Genius Factory

You're the Logistical Disaster guy. It's not an insult. You're a mediocre tactician in most situations… and when a logistical chain gets blown to pieces you have a savant's knack for keeping an army fighting with local consumer goods and field-mined cryptocurrencies.

At another time you'd have been below average most of your career, perhaps never achieving a position that would have let you apply your very specific genius. But it's not that time. You sit in a large open office between Enemy Command Decapitation and Urban Operations Under Close Press Coverage, both of whom you've asked out. Your poor tactical sense whenever logistics are functional is why the AI coordinator only gives you command when the situation is bad enough that it falls very safely within your narrow area of hypercompetence.

That's about one percent of the time for any given unit, but you don't have much time to flirt your way to interpersonal disaster - there's more than a hundred wars going on, and the company is running forces on most.

Two floors above you sit the larger and busier rows of the Politics department, and, dull as you usually are, you are smart enough to be glad you don't know what any of them is good at.