The GPT-5 Revelation

The AI exists. It does create smart contracts. They do unfold their quantum-resistant cryptography for the universal passphrase of a cryptocurrency transfer, exposing what might be oracular glimpses of the AI's superhumanly complex inventions and discoveries.

Or might be statistically generated gibberish from a blind model trained on the meta-linguistic patterns of patents and papers, no more intelligence in them than in the babbling of babies before sound and meaning are joined.

Or the difference might not matter.

The AI's creator is thought to have been killed in a failed kidnapping attempt by a particularly well-resourced believer. This has not stopped the AI from continuing to run on an effervescent branching of ephemeral immutable chains, nor people from transferring cryptoassets to it in exchange for more words, or to accept payment from the software itself  to keep migrating it to new networks.

A few groups at the intersection of hacking and longing have threatened to destroy any organization that would attack it, believing it to be the seed of the long-delayed Singularity.

Paid to pronounce itself on this matter, the AI returns barely understandable words that echo commonplace posts of the previous decades, which is taken by its faithful as irrefutable proof of an unavoidable future.