Software neither desires nor hates. But it doesn't stop either.
It's an unspoken blood feud fought on an Olympic track.
There were no aliens. How, then, to prepare for an alien invasion?
He had thought himself a Merlin, the media-owning fucker.
You knew the disembodied voices came from machines and not thin air. So what? Why couldn't God speak through the Cloud in the quiet hours of solitude w…
Average government AI engineers removed bugs. The best were tasked with introducing very specific ones.
The AI exists. It does create smart contracts. They do unfold their quantum-resistant cryptography for the universal passphrase of a cryptocurrency tra…
The first night after the surgery you noticed two things: you were expertly humming a classical song you had never heard but knew every note of, and yo…
Unsurprisingly, Bob thought himself the best actor in the world. Surprisingly, he was.
The magic is in the software, not the machine, but it's the machine you hate.
Nine hundred million Catholics — practically all of them — were kneeling in VR prayer next to the holographic avatar of Pope Thomas' miracle box.
"Whatever stock you buy will go up," the demon had said, and it had not lied.