Crime scenes shimmered for the former detective without conscious effort: he saw victims, suspects, and clues framed in mournful haloes of copper-toned…
The minute you can engineer soldiers, traditional military doctrine goes up, up, and away.
The biomodded were nerds and their handlers power-hungry. 
Black holes glow, did you know that? 
After killing his wife with a blow to the head John put her in the driver's seat of her car and told it to go from California to Montana and crash…
You wake up alive, throat tight with resigned horror but no understanding of why. 
Emma stood in front of the stone-like base and grabbed the grip of the sampling device.
She had a gift for neural interfaces, a mix of youth and an undefinable something else.
The definition of consequences: doors only open in one direction.
If you're reading this it means I'm gone. Dead, I think — I can't be sure yet.
Murder was a game. As defenders of Order we set out to master it.
What could make the guilty hyperpowerful feel safe with their servants after the world's end began?